July 17, 2012

Daily Brief: Votto out 3-4 weeks

Last Game
The Diamondbacks weren’t really bad enough to be swept by the Cubs last weekend, so maybe it’s no surprise that they busted out against the Reds last night. They touched Bronson Arroyo for 4 runs in the first inning, and that’s all they needed.

With the Diamondbacks’ All-Star Wade Miley on the mound, the Reds’ All-Star Joey Votto out of the line-up, and an ejection-happy Dan Bellino behind the plate, missing foul calls and taking it out on Miguel Cairo, it just wasn’t the Reds’ night. Final score: Diamondbacks 5, Reds 3.

Next Game
The Reds host the Diamondbacks again tonight. Johnny Cueto (RHP 10-5, 2.39 ERA) faces off against Trevor Bauer (1-1, 5.40 ERA). It looks like a pretty favorable match-up with our “ace” against their “guy making his fourth appearance,” but don’t get too cocky. Cueto’s still recovering from that blister problem.

Woe is me! Votto’s knee!
Joey Votto will undergo arthroscopic surgery today on his knee and will be out of the line-up for 3-4 weeks. The roster move to “replace” him will be announced later today. Heaven help the front office if they call up Willie Harris.

The good news is that you couldn’t ask for much more minor surgery than knee arthroscopy, unless you’re removing skin tags or something. The bad news is that the offense is shaky even WITH Votto. He’s not the hero every day, but would the other guys have the chance to be the hero if not for his consistent production? There’s going to be a lot of stepping up to do over the next month.

What to Say to Sound Smart at the Water Cooler
This season the Reds’ have lost three as many games as they win when someone other than Joey Votto starts at first base. Maybe that’s not too meaningful when the actual record is 1-3, but there’s a good reason that sample size is so small.

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