October 11, 2012

40th anniversary of a Reds NLCS win

Today is my birthday. All I asked for was a Reds win, but instead I got a lump of coal. I don’t really want to think about it any more.

Pennant honoring the 1972 Reds winning the NLCS

Pictured borrowed from http://4192cards.com. If you’d like to buy this pennant, you should go check them out.

So instead, let’s live in the past for a while. Thankfully, Chris Jaffe is always on top of making us aware of awesome stuff people did on this day in years past.

For example, on this date 40 years ago (still a few years before I was born) there were two incredible LCS games going down, and the Reds were the beneficiaries of one of them.

In game five of the NLCS, the Reds won the pennant on a walk-off wild pitch. In the other game the Tigers came back in the 10th to force a Game Five against Oakland.

Check out the whole story on The Hardball Times.

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