October 12, 2012

I’m not mad. I’m disappointed.

Mural of the Big Red Machine at Great American Ball ParkLike many Reds fans, I need a day off.

But I will share this thought: in the 1970s the Reds won the division 6 times, the NL pennant 4 times, and the World Series 2 times.

That means that twice they lost in the World Series and twice they won the division but lost in the first round of the playoffs. Their fans were probably terribly disappointed then, but those accomplishments still contribute to their legacy now.

This disappointment sucks, but in 30 years we might be looking back at the accomplishments of this year as the beginning of a dynasty.

4 comments to “I’m not mad. I’m disappointed.”

  1. justin says:

    I just want to say for what this team lacked and the trials and tribulations they went through all season they did a heck of a job, I think if cueto would have pitched game 1 or three it would have been a brighter out come. Just would like to say to all reds fans dont blame dusty blame front office for ignoring lead off hitter over past 5-15 years and blame them for cairo being on 25 man roster, and blame them for scotty being out there 75% of the time.

  2. Bryan says:

    Just what I needed to put yesterday and the entire 2012 season into perspective. Thanks.

  3. Rick says:

    A bit disappointing, to say the least. Here’s hoping Billy Hamilton will be called up next season.

  4. Mike says:

    Great year but we still ended it on a sour note. The reds need to make a few minor changes next year to be back in contention. Scott Rolen, thanks for your leadership but it is time to go unless you play a back up role for the league min. Cairo, you have to go, your bat is to slow now. Drew Stubbs, we are going to shop you because you simply will not change your approach at the plate and you will always be a 220 hitter and that will not work on this team because we need guys on base for Votto and Bruce. This team also needs to work on bunting in the offseason and hitting the ball to the opposite field. That is what the Cardinals and Giants do well and that is why they are playing in the championship game not the reds.