November 14, 2005

A Royals Blog, Jim Edmonds’ Tongue, and Email Functionality

Pine Tar RagI don't often have the time or energy to investigate the baseball blogosphere the way I'd like, but The Pine Tar Rag, a Royals blog, linked to me recently, so I went to check it out. It's distressingly blue and a little in-depth for those uninitiated to Kansas City fandom, but this comment on a recent post caught my attention:

# BrettParker Says:
November 14th, 2005 at 2:43 pm

Why are the Jays shopping Hudson? Also, is there even the slightest chance of Joe Randa playing 2nd base?

Randa at second? I'm surprised no one's advocating that idea around the greater Cincinnati area. At first it sounds ridiculous, but then you think: what better free agents are we going to pick up?

To completely change directions, if you haven't already seen these photos of Jim Edmonds living it up with some co-eds, I highly recommend them. Sure as hell beats this photo.

Finally, my crack technical staff has fixed the problem that was preventing RHM members from using the e-mail features. The biggest upshot here is that if you've forgotten your password, you can now use the functionality to get it back. w00t!

2 comments to “A Royals Blog, Jim Edmonds’ Tongue, and Email Functionality”

  1. redsrbetter says:

    Do we really need a new 2B? Randa or not, I think Freel could handle the job nicely. A lot of people are fixed on him not being able to stay at one position. So lets look at this for a brief moment.

    Freel starts at 2B in 2006:


    We have a bonafide leadoff hitter that can steal 40 bases and hit for a .270 AVG. We have a player that will go all out and make plays that others would fear to try. We have a player that sets the table for the lineup and makes things happen in all different ways. We all have seen it. And most importantly, why go after a 2B in a trade or even think about keeping Aurilia around when we have much bigger needs?


    That same hype gets him in the injury bug at times as he crashes into walls. As we like to call him at S3F, "Crash" has become a fitting nickname. He also does not make the infield defense look any better and we could use an upgrade in that sense.

    Well just some thoughts.

  2. Red Hot Mama says:

    I’m really torn, RRB. I’m crazy about Freel and would love to see him get the money and status that goes along with being the every-day anything. On the other hand, I think that playing everywhere is what makes him special. You take that away and he’s no longer the quintessential super utility man; he’s just a hyperactive-but-otherwise-average infielder.

    However, I think you’re right in that finding a new second baseman should be low on the priority list. If the perfect deal presents itself, great, but if not, the Reds can scrape together an infield from spare parts they have lying around the clubhouse. A cup of Freel, a tablespoon of Olmedo, a dash of Holbert, a pinch of Bergolla: sounds like a tasty dish.