May 21, 2006

Almost Back to the Grind

I'm about to head off for the Nationals/Orioles game, which is the last planned event in this crazy Washington D.C. weekend. I'll be back in regular posting tomorrow. You'll see.

Go Reds!

1 comment to “Almost Back to the Grind”

  1. KC2HMZ says:

    Cool, RHM, it will be interesting to see you apply yourself to the task of writing a game wrap for a game that doesn’t involve the Reds.

    Even if one of the teams involved is from the American League.

    Even if you are a few games behind on her Reds game wraps.

    Even if the act of a National League blogger writing about an American League team does equate to you descending to uncharted depths of self-defilement, previously approached only during your capricious blasphemy of Bronson Arroyo. 😉