May 22, 2006

RHM Visits the Nation’s Capital

This weekend I headed out to Washington D.C. to witness the graduation of my brother from The George Washington University.

On Sunday, I made it out to RFK Stadium to catch part of the game between the Nationals and the Orioles, but I'm afraid my game wrap is going to be sparse. We didn't get into the game until the sixth inning, and it was a win for the home team, so we saw all of about two innings of baseball.

Furthermore, my camera has officially bit the dust; I guess I dropped it one too many times. The good news is that it's a good excuse to buy a new camera. The bad news is that I don't have even any mediocre pictures to share with you of the stadium.

Still, I think I can give you a pretty decent visual. Envision yourself walking up the concourse in Riverfront at the very end of its life. Now, imagine it just a little dingier, a little older. Really make it feel like this place has been given up on more than once, but just won't die. And there you are at RFK.

We were sitting in the 500 level, so it was quite a hike up to our seats, but the view was lovely. The lowest level of seats is day-glo orange, which is odd. The middle level is pink (though I hear its supposed to be maroon or something) and the top level is yellow. The top of the top level is a wavy line, which is a cool effect. If they'd managed to work the wavy line into any of the other architectural elements of the stadium, it would have been pretty nifty.

Daedalus of Church of Baseball was seated in the very same section as us and identified my Crack Technical Staff by his Reds shirt as he walked by with a couple hot dogs. She told us about the new stadium that is supposed to be built for 2008, the lack of experience among baseball fans in D.C. (“they don't know when to cheer”), and shared her beer. I liked her very well. Check out her site often.

It was a great trip, but, like the Reds, I'm glad to be home again.

2 comments to “RHM Visits the Nation’s Capital”

  1. KC2HMZ says:

    It’s not so much the camera being dropped. It’s that !#$%&* sudden stop when it hits the ground.

    I was around back when RFK was one of the reasons baseball failed in D.C. the last time around. They were called the Senators, but now they’re the Texas Rangers. That stadium sat there waiting to be torn down for a long time, and I was mildly surprised when they decided to move the Expos into that junkpile – even temporarily. When I look at pictures of RFK, it reminds me of War Memorial Stadium in Buffalo – built in 1932 as a WPA project, it was unaffectionately called “The Old Rockpile” and has been torn down. It’s about time D.C. had the sense to do the same to RFK.

    John, HMZ

  2. Red Hot Mama says:

    I guess they’re on there way, but since it’s in DC, it’s held up in a subcommittee.