May 23, 2006

You *CAN* Steal First

According to tonight's Chris' Clubhouse, the Fox Sports Net pre-game feature in which Chris Welch explains some aspect of the game, last night Adam Dunn walked on three balls when the umpire apparently lost count of the count.

If only somebody could have taught Tony Womack that trick.

It's nice that Chris had something to talk about. With the Reds' hot start and FSN picking up some extra games, he's been struggling for content. A couple weeks ago he spent a few consecutive Clubhouses talking about how the average height, weight, and age of players has changed over the years.

2 comments to “You *CAN* Steal First”

  1. Skeeter says:

    You know, I saw that, and as I was watching I was sitting there going “No way!” It was like I didn’t believe Welsh, even when he broke it down pitch by pitch.
    Went back and checked with the DVR. Welsh wasn’t lying.

  2. Red Hot Mama says:

    I couldn’t believe it myself, and the GameDay didn’t help because it showed four balls. Probably the scorekeeper guy going “huh, I must have missed one.”

    I’m glad you checked it out. I believe it now.