May 25, 2006

He May Just Win Me Back

Technically, this is not allowed, so watch it quick before someone has a chance to complain and make me take it down. And shop at Champion Ford!

11 comments to “He May Just Win Me Back”

  1. Joel says:

    okay, does he say “shit” in that? And if so, is that a real commercial? And if not, how the hell did you get it?

  2. DevilsAdvocate says:

    Ha! That’s pretty funny. I’ve never seen any cursing whatsever in a television ad before.

    Quite an actor, that Bronson – although I doubt I’d let him play himself if someone made a movie about the Reds.

  3. Red Hot Mama says:

    Joel — I think so, I doubt it, and I got mad bloggin’ skeelz.

    DA — If he keeps pulling stuff like this, I’ll have no choice but to let him play himself as well. For now, I’ll upgrade him from Paris Hilton to David Spade.

  4. joeberk says:

    Oh, THAT is funny.

  5. tempdjphob says:

    Its like some strange beautiful thing that I feel I will never fully understand. I will also never stop laughing.

  6. RainDelay says:

    That’s damn near awesome!

  7. Skeeter says:

    Wow, now I want a truck. But only if Bronson is there with his red bat, and is running around saying “Sheeiit” when I go in to buy it. Otherwise, deal’s off.

  8. Joliet Jake says:




  9. Red Hot Mama says:

    joeberk, tempdjphob, RainDelay, and Skeeter – I’m so glad you guys are enjoying the video. Tell your friends.

    Joliet Jake – I hope [strong]I[/strong] never say the Pirates are bad. Just think what you’ll do to me!

  10. Joliet Jake says:

    I have had more people email me about the raising the jolly roger comment than anything. LoL We can’t wait for Ms. Arroyo to come back to Pittsburgh – we have some fun waiting for her. 😉

    Love ur blog..