May 25, 2006

Methinks He Protests Too Much

So Griffey is pissed off at the media. Rather, he's pissed off at a couple sports radio guys who said he ought to change positions for the good of the team and he's taking it out on everyone.

In response, every damn media outlet is talking about how awesome he is. He had a couple good plays in center field and a couple dropped that Denorfia would have gotten to. But it's the good ones that are all anyone can talk about as they seem to try to get back on his good side.

It's not just the the official site, who says cites his “spectacular defensive plays that were … buzz-worthy”. Or Kevin Kelly in a story in the Enquirer says that “Griffey is showing naysayers, particularly some in the talk-radio genre, that he remains one of the game's premier players.” The FSN guys were doing it before yesterday's game too. It's a freaking epidemic.

But here's something to consider: if a 9-year old walked past you on the street and said “you have three arms!” would you be upset? Probably not. You know you don't have three arms, and what do you care what some 9-year old thinks anyway?

On the other hand, if you had a large protrusion coming out of your shoulder that you were really self-concious about, would you be upset? Would a bunch of newspapers writing about how not-three-armed you were make it all better?

The voices of sports radio are not well-regarded in general; it's not as if someone Griffey admires and respects told him he was hurting the team. So for Griffey to get so worked up over this says a lot more about how he's feeling about himself than how he's feeling about the Cincinnati airwaves. He might not even acknowledge it to himself, but deep down he's been thinking that maybe he's not the best choice at center anymore.

I predict we'll see Griffey “filling in” at first base before the end of the season. And there's nothing wrong with that, man. We'd be glad to have you there.

2 comments to “Methinks He Protests Too Much”

  1. Daedalus says:

    In all honesty, I think some of those spectacular grabs would have looked routine by someone younger and faster. It’s because he was slower at getting to the ball that made him have to dive/hit the wall.

    Goalkeeping 101: If the goalie has to dive for a ball, it means he was out of position, so those spectacular saves are simply mistakes. Learned it in my younger years as a goalkeeper. Same applies to outfielders.