May 30, 2006

Ten More Reasons the Cubs Will Lose to the Reds

10. The umps are kicking themselves over that missed home run call and will do anything to make it up to the Reds.

9. They already used up the last of their three wishes last night.

8. Even Cubs broadcasters have love for Dunn.

7. Glendon Rusch is well-rested and ready for long relief.

6. The Latin Love Machine is ready to kick some ass.

5. Brandon Claussen is looking to get himself off the pickle.

4. Ryan Freel is looking for home run number 2.

3. They don't want to get everyone's hopes up with a winning streak.

2. They want to get the game over with quick. It's Scrubs night.

1. Because if they did that, they'd win the series. And then all hell would break loose.

1 comment to “Ten More Reasons the Cubs Will Lose to the Reds”

  1. Skeeter says:

    Looks like all hell is gonna break loose.