August 10, 2006

The Power of the Cornrows Compels You

As much as I've enjoyed Arroyo's nine failed previous attempts at win number ten, I'm as excited as anyone about the cornrows. I missed him having them done on Cold Pizza and the game's not on t.v. today, so I'm actually kind of hoping for him to break the streak so that I'll get to see them the next time through the rotation. Plus, I want the Reds to thoroughly decimate the Cards.

Go Cornroyo! Go Reds!

UPDATED 1:43pm Just wanted to clarify that the game is on t.v., just not on in my office where I'm not allowed to have any streaming video.

44 comments to “The Power of the Cornrows Compels You”

  1. I think we’re about to lose power at work, so I may not be around for a bit.

  2. Johnny Twopacks says:

    Isn’t the game on ESPN right now?

  3. An early lead! Whooo! This will last until maybe the 2nd inning.

  4. The question is: do I go to the local to watch during lunch, or ignore this travesty alltogether? If Reyes walks Arroyo, the answer’s easy.

  5. Holy crap – he held them!

  6. Red Hot Mama says:

    Hey girlfriend.
    Yes, the game is on ESPN. I actually got to catch a couple innings while I was at lunch.

    The cornrows look great, btw. You should hit the pub just to check them out.

  7. I saw them plenty when he was with Boston.

    How I hate Boston.

  8. Red Hot Mama says:

    Ha! I love it when Eckstein is out! I wish it happened more often!

  9. Johnny Twopacks says:

    Who doesn’t hate Boston?

  10. Eckstein’s only got one hit so far. But he’ll hit a homerun or something later in the game.

    I dunno, JT, people from Boston would be the only ones who *don’t* hate it, I guess.

  11. Red Hot Mama says:

    My boss is a Boston fan for some reason, even though he’s from out west. I think it might be some sort of disorder.

  12. It’s an infection. There is no known cure, but scientists are working on an “ego transplant” wherein Boston fans learn that neither they, nor their beans, are anything special.

  13. Red Hot Mama says:

    Dude, what is wrong with Reyes? He’s hit at least three Reds! Does he need anger management?

  14. I see we did not have that counting lesson yesterday.

  15. I don’t know. He hasn’t been nearly as awesome as people thought. Of course, he did throw a one-hit game against the White Sox. The one hit was a HR and the Cards lost 1-0.

  16. Johnny Twopacks says:

    What’s he angry about? His teams winning. Maybe he’s trying to get thrown out so that he’s not pitching when the comeback starts.

  17. No, he just doesn’t know where the ball is going. He’s not mad at your guys, they’re just in the way.

  18. Spiezio again? Ouch.

  19. Red Hot Mama says:

    Time to get out the hook for Arroyo. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: it was too early to extend Krivsky’s contract.

  20. So, Freel is crazy, huh? Cause, like I said, that’s a bad crazy.

  21. Red Hot Mama says:

    Hard to say. If Dunn goes around saying that he talks to little guys in his head, you can feel pretty confident that he’s playing around. Harder to tell with Freel. But it’s hardly news that he’s a madman on the field, so maybe there’s something there.

  22. All those DUI’s could be him drinking to drown out the psychosis.

  23. Red Hot Mama says:

    I think it’s more likely that the little guy is a result of the drinking. Or the blows to the head.

  24. Possibly, but I’d keep him away from sharp objects and fans.

  25. Red Hot Mama says:

    Yeah, it’d be a shame for him to cut his fingers off.

  26. I forget who it was, but a Cardinals pitcher did actually punch a fan (not the people type, the moving air type) during the playoffs back in the 80s.

  27. Please tell me Arroyo is done after 120 pitches.

    On second thought, leave him in.

  28. Red Hot Mama says:

    Seems like a strange thing to punch, especially if it was a ceiling fan. Or one of those paper ones southern women use in church.

    Where the hell in the offense? Seriously.

  29. Red Hot Mama says:

    All right, Javy!

    Now, where the hell is the rest of the offense? They ought to come around now that Arroyo’s out.

  30. Ok, I have got to go to lunch. I like the way this game is and if I leave and we blow it, I won’t have to “watch” it. I’ll stop back in an hour.

  31. Red Hot Mama says:

    Ooh, that’s a late lunch. Enjoy.

  32. Red Hot Mama says:

    Dammit, Eddie. You finally get some playing time and you use it to strand two.


  33. Red Hot Mama says:

    Brad Thompson? Since when do they let girls play?

  34. Red Hot Mama says:

    Ugh. Way to give back Javy’s homer, Rheal.

    Hey, didn’t the Reds just recently lose a game where a Valentín home run was the only run?

  35. You must hate Duncan.

  36. Elle says:

    Hell yeah Coach’s Kid! As long as we don’t use anymore lefty specialists today, we might just make this work.

  37. Oh, and there will be no dissing of Thompson. The proxy is getting me a Thompson jersey.

  38. Red Hot Mama says:

    Getting you a Thompson jersey? Won’t it be too small?

  39. It will be a boy’s size large.

  40. Red Hot Mama says:

    Sigh. Well, that was fun while it was in reach. Thanks, ladies, for making it out this afternoon. Do we get a chance to do this again this season, or will we not meet again until we fight it out for the NL?

  41. You guys will be in St. Louis next week, I believe.

  42. Red Hot Mama says:

    Awesome. I’ll see you next week, then.