August 13, 2006

Welcome Back Love Shack, Good Luck EZ

After several consecutive poor performances, the Reds have optioned Elizardo Ramirez back to AAA Louisville and recalled reliever Brian Shackelford.

It's a shame: the Lizard was SO good for a while there. But he's just a 23. He's still got time to rediscover his awesomeness.

Kyle Lohse performed well his last outing and is pencilled in to start on Thursday. But if he's our fifth starter, who's going to be our fourth starter? Chris Michalak, Ryan Franklin, and Matt Belisle seem like reasonable possibilities.

1 comment to “Welcome Back Love Shack, Good Luck EZ”

  1. Clint says:

    Yeah I think the Lizard will bounce back. He just needs to get his confidence back. I think being young and in his first playoff chase just got to him. Hopefully he can get his groove back and return to the form he showed vs. Houston a couple of weeks ago.