August 15, 2006

Kent Mercker’s Career Cut Short

Marc says:

An MRI and further examination by Doc Kremchek today revealed that Mercker had completely torn his ulnar collateral ligament and suffered an 80-percent tear in his flexor tendon. Mercker will undergo reconstructive surgery Thursday, but that's more for golf purposes than baseball. His career is done.

Though he's 38-years old, Mercker's a lefty, so he potentially could have had another five years ahead of him.

I have a particular affinity for Mercker, at least partially because Joel once told me I was the Mercker of Reds bloggers. I think the clubhouse will be that much less amusing for him not being around.

Get well soon, Kent. If you're ever looking for an online forum for that notorious sense of humor and don't mind a slightly effeminate name in the title bar, I might just be able to help you out.

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