December 31, 2006

RHM Retrospective: February

Since there were so many highlights in 2006, and since it makes me feel special and important to put up a bunch of posts, I'm going to break this retrospective down by month. Now we continue to February.

The Reds got a new General Manager! After Jim Beattie was reported to have won the job (and apparently had, until the very last minute), he who would later be referred to as “Kriv-dawg” swooped in and snatched it out from under him. Sort of the same way he snatched Juan Castro before Quinton McCrackenanyone else had a chance to sign him.

Many of us remember Krivsky's early signings as successful, perhaps lucky, moves. But even early on, there were signs of the bafflement that was to come. Two words: Quinton McCracken.

Episode 1 of the podcast (soon to be renamed, btw) was released. As my first foray into the world of broadcasting, it was 1 minute and 55 seconds of audio agony.

This is the month I wrote a fake news story. It wasn't a particularly good fake news story, but it was special in that it was the first time a lie I'd published was reprinted on another blog as fact. I stuck to much less feasible fake news, if I wrote it at all, after that.

The Reds released Josh Hancock for showing up to camp overweight. Hancock, affectionately known as “Snax”, went on to sign with the Cardinals.

Discussion of whether the Reds would remain in Sarasota popped up in February. I understand that now the team is definitely staying put thanks to the city of Sarasota agreeing to build a new facility.

The Reds had their first exhibition game against the Tigers of Kia. If my counting is correct, a massive three of those starting nine are in the organization today. The Tigers would kick some Reds' ass.

6 comments to “RHM Retrospective: February”

  1. KC2HMZ says:

    Heartthrob figures to start the season in Louisville. Which is probably just as well. Having him rotting on the bench in Cinci while Griffey, Pena, Kearns, Freel, Womack, and one of Krivsky’s veteran bench types such as Tuffy Rhodes or Quinton McCracken gobble up all the outfield playing time would not make sense and would inhibit Denorfia’s development as a player. If anyone doubts that this would not be a good idea, just look what happened to Wily Mo Pena’s development when Bowden made that mistake. Pena sat on the bench and hit .218 when he could have been playing regularly for Rick Sweet and tearing up the IL.


  2. Red Hot Mama says:

    I suppose it wouldn’t make sense if he really wasn’t getting playing time. Thing is, Heartthrob is actually [i]good[/i], and wouldn’t it be a thrill to have TWO good defenders in the outfield?

  3. Geki says:

    Bowden didn’t have a choice on Wily Mo.

  4. BubbaFan says:

    Wow, the Reds actually cut Hancock for weighing 207 lbs.? That doesn’t seem like that much, considering he’s 6′-3″ and a pitcher. Looking at his stats, he seems to have had a healthy season at 207 lbs this year.

    I can understand encouraging some players to lose weight. Jorge Posada lost something like 12 lbs. over the off-season last year, and it made a big difference. Improved his defense and seemed to help on the injury/fatigue front. But he’s a catcher.

    I forget where I saw it, but one of the stat sites crunched the numbers, and found that extra weight seems to help pitchers. It was something like a tenth of a point in ERA for each 10 lbs. extra. Even when height was controlled for.

    But I guess it turned out well for Hancock. Those 17 extra pounds turned into a World Series ring for him.

    Am really enjoying these recaps, BTW. Great way for newbies to get up to speed. (How can you be a fan if you don’t know who’s been arrested?)

  5. Red Hot Mama says:

    It was widely regarded as being a safe move just to make a statement. Especially since I guess everyone knows the info on players profiles isn’t necessarily based on fact. But I don’t think Hancock would have done as well for the Reds if he’d stayed as he did for the Cards. I think he was motivated by having something to prove.

    And, yep, it worked out pretty well for him.

    Glad you’re enjoying the recaps. I can’t believe how long they take to write!

  6. BubbaFan says:

    [quote]Especially since I guess everyone knows the info on players profiles isn’t necessarily based on fact.[/quote]

    😀 Good point. They’re about as accurate as the weight listed on my driver’s license. 😉

    Bubba’s listed at 5′-11″, but I suspect he’s closer to 5′-9″.

    [url=]Colter Bean[/url], whose longevity record at Columbus ended when the Yanks dumped the Clippers, and not by his being called up as his fans hoped, is listed at 255. Which he may have been…in high school. He’s now rumored to be on the far side of 300. Some say that’s why he’s stayed at Triple-A so long. The Yanks think it would set a bad example for the kids, to call up a guy who won’t work out.