January 7, 2007

The Marlins’ New Centerfielder?

No, not Chris Denorfia, but he is lately of the Reds. They've signed Alex Sanchez, who was released from the Louisville Bats last June.

Desperate for an affordable but experienced center fielder, the Marlins are taking a chance on the first player disciplined in 2005 under baseball's toughened steroids rules.

Alex Sanchez, a career .297 hitter with speed but questionable defense, will compete for the center field spot in spring training after signing a minor-league deal Friday.

I guess “desperate” is the key word. They want someone with a good glove to cover their cavernous outfield; a guy with “questionable defense” doesn't seem to fill the bill. Not to mention one who hasn't hit nearly as well since he was busted for steroids use.

3 comments to “The Marlins’ New Centerfielder?”

  1. Red Hot Mama says:

    I remember when we picked up Sanchez in March, but I missed him being cut in June. I’m not sure where I was; it seems like the perfect opportunity to mention something about him being “dirty.”

  2. BubbaFan says:

    I just remembered another outfielder who was released by the Bats: the dreaded T-Long. Terrence Long was signed by the Reds March 27, 2006, then released May 5. The Yankees grabbed him a couple of weeks later.

    Boy, was he awful. Hit below the Mendoza line while he was with the big club. And his defense was bizarre. His nickname when he was with Oakland was “Magellan,” because he took such circuitous routes to the ball. I now know what they meant.

    He did play fairly well for the Clippers once he was sent back down. Mostly as the DH, I think.

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