March 16, 2008

NLC’s Hottest Baller – Final Four – Crosby vs. Ausmus

Brad AusmusWelcome to the semifinals of the Jason Romano Commemorative NLC’s hottest baller contest. 15 of the best-looking players on NLC (plus the newest ex-Mariner) face off in a single-elimination tournament.

Brad Ausmus comes to the final four by way of the nonReds bracket. He defeated Sean Burnett in the first round and Chris Duffy in the second round. Ausmus brings a very traditional tall-dark-and-handsome kind of hotness to the competition.

Even so, Ausmus has his work cut out for him against…

Bubba CrosbyBubba Crosby is a cult favorite in the competition. He’s already taken down Bronson Arroyo and Matt Belisle, two very well-liked Reds’ pitchers, to make his way into the final four.

Brad Ausmus
ht: 5-11 wt: 190 dob: 04/14/1969

Bubba Crosby
ht: 5-11 wt: 195 dob: 08/11/1976


3 comments to “NLC’s Hottest Baller – Final Four – Crosby vs. Ausmus”

  1. lisa gray says:

    bubba crosby????


    good grief

    brad ausmus is THE hottest white boy in the majors. ABSOLUTELY no contest.

    and lest you think i am just a homer, i SWEAR i would say the say thing even if he was a (choke – gag) cub/yankee/red sox/met

  2. Red Hot Mama says:

    There are still three days to go; rally the Ausmus troops! The market is ripe for someone to stand up to the powerful Crosby Cartel.

  3. caja says:

    Bubba! Bubba! Bubba!