May 9, 2008

Giants 4, Pirates 5: There Can Be Only One



In the latest installment of the continuing battle to suss out the worst team in the National League, the Pirates (15-19) proved that they are better than the Giants (14-21) by sweeping them in a three-game series. I wouldn’t have expected that, actually.

Matt Cain (1-3) got the loss, in an outing where he was solid but left in for too long. Franquelis Osoria (2-1) got the win for Pittsburgh. (As an aside, is it strange that a guy can have 2 of the Pirates’ 15 wins yet I’ve never heard of him?) Matt Capps (S 8 ) pitched the 9th for the save.

The Pirates hope to show that they’re better than more teams than just the Giants when Atlanta comes to Pittsburgh tonight at 7:05pm EDT. The matchup is Tom Glavine against Ian Snell.

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