August 11, 2008

Dunn Dealt to Diamondbacks

Dunner is Number OneApparently Adam Dunn cleared waivers.

The Reds traded Dunn to the Arizona Diamonbacks today for minor league right-hand pitcher Dallas Buck and two players to be named later. Based entirely on the fact that “Dallas Buck” sounds like an apt description for Dunn, I’m liking this deal so far.

You might wonder how, without their OPS machine, the Reds are going to score any runs at all, and you’d have a valid point (and an opinion that many others are likely to share). However, Dunn’s offensive production has failed to translate into wins thus far in his career; maybe taking it away will put the pressure on the rest of the team to step it up. Plus, Dunn will get a chance to play on a non-sucking team for a change.

It *is* weird, though, to have the final piece of the Kearns, Griffey, and Dunn outfield dismantled.

1 comment to “Dunn Dealt to Diamondbacks”

  1. Zeldink says:

    It is very weird. And it makes it even harder to watch the Reds play because I care about so few of the players.

    I wonder how Dusty Baker will feel about managing a rebuilding effort. He’s never done either of those before.