August 20, 2008

Reds 0, Cubs 5: Dusty’s Travelling Cavalcade of Suck Returns to Wrigley

Reds (55-71)000000000031
Cubs (77-48)00001004-580
W: Harden (8-2) L: Cueto (8-12)


Dusty Baker returned to the world-class city that gave him the platform to display his vast managing incompetence to everyone not named Bob Castellini. And guess what? Baker’s still got it. He showed he hasn’t forgotten a thing about losing at Wrigley.

Johnny Cueto was good for the Reds, striking out 6 and allowing only 1 run in 7 innings. And that one run wasn’t exactly earned. Edwin Encarnación failed to look back a runner at third before throwing to first. Looks like EdE’s trying to work his way out of the infield.

As for the Cubs, Rich Harden started and was even better than Cueto. Of course, the Reds follow Baker’s “Swing First, Ask Where the Ball Was Later” approach that the Cubs have finally gotten rid of, so it really wasn’t that much work for Harden.

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