August 30, 2008

Other Sports Blogs You Might Like

As I continue my effort to clean out my inbox and finally deal with the messages that have been waiting for attention for the last few months, I find several messages about other blogs that you, the Red Hot Mama readership, might be interested in. Hopefully, these pages haven’t suffered blogfade due to my lack of promptness.

National Sports Beat is a simple and easy to use sports resource site that collects together media resources, blogs, forums, live news feeds and any other relevant resources for every team in the NFL, MLB, NBA and the NHL. It’s perfect for die-hard sports fans like you.

On Base Plus Slugging is a baseball blog that covers both leagues, rather than one specific team.

C70 at the bat is a new Cardinals blog, for all the information you need on those insuppressible redbirds.

Finally, this is an interesting one, Jimmy Scott’s High and Tight is the blog of a fictional former star pitcher near the end of his baseball career who interviews baseball personalities as he tries to figure out what to do with his life after baseball.

Jimmy has interviewed former Expos & Red Sox GM Dan Duqette, Bill “Spaceman” Lee, Tommy John, Sal Bando, Brian McRae, Brian Jordan, Mickey Morandini, Hal Lanier, Dave Cash, Richie Hebner, Ed Hearn, Andrea Mallis, the “Baseball Astrologer,” Ron Blomberg, John Fitzgerald (director of “Playing For Peanuts”), the agent/marketing exec Steve Fortunato (handles A-Rod, Johnny Damon, Ken Griffey Jr.) and more.

May all that content help to fill the remaining moments before the September call-ups.

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