September 15, 2008

Holy Shit! Brewers Fire Yost!

Ned Yost and his impossible leg are no moreNow that’s a way to light a fire under under-performing players as they head into the end of the season. Milwaukee has gotten rid of Ned Yost, often referred to ignorantly as the worst manager in the majors (see: Baker, Dusty).

I know the Brewers have dived into the crapper for the second straight September, but I’m surprised to see this move. We’ll see if the surprising move helps right the sinking ship. Honestly, I doubt it will hurt.

I’m hoping the Reds will take some hints.

3 comments to “Holy Shit! Brewers Fire Yost!”

  1. Red Hot Mama says:

    I did NOT see that one coming, but it does make sense. The Brewers lose a questionable manager and gain the possibility that it gets the team going.

    Dusty getting booted right now wouldn’t stand for anything. Unless maybe they literally told him to “take a walk.”

  2. KC2HMZ says:

    Nobody saw that coming, RHM. Dumping the manager in September with 12 games left on a team that’s in the wild card race? I don’t think that’s EVER happened before.

    The thing is that problem in Milwaukee wasn’t the manager. They gave Suppan $42 million for four years and how’d that work out for them? He gave up six earned runs in less than four innings the night the Brew Crew’s lead in the wild card race disappeared. And signing Eric “Mitchell Report” Gagne (for what was it, $10 mil?) was another great move, his ERA is over 6.00 and since losing the closer’s job to Torres he’s been Milwaukee’s answer to the Reds’ Todd Coffey in the 8th inning. Prince Fielder…what a name for a first baseman who couldn’t dig a throw out of thew dirt with a bobcat machine. And does anybody outside the Milwaukee organization still seriously think Rick Weeks is a big-league second baseman?

    So, the Brewers have a lot bigger problems than Ned Yost. There’s a reason they haven’t made the playoffs since 1982.

  3. Red Hot Mama says:

    What, only three holes? I think they’re taking it all!