July 26, 2009

Come Home Redlegs

Despite Aaron Harang realizing that he’s going to have to be the one to get himself some run support and knocking in three with his first career homer on Friday, this has been a painful road trip for the Reds. Right now, down 1-2 to the Cubbies going into the fourth inning, the Reds could be on their way to a sixth loss in a row and a 2-10 record since the All-Star Break.

I know the Reds are a first-half kind of team, but this is ridiculous.

Meanwhile, the Astros, the perennial second-half kind of team, are coming alive late yet again. I was prepared to declare them dead in the water but now they’re just two games back of the Cardinals and only half a game back from the Cubs.

Though, as I mentioned earlier, there’s a decent chance the Cubs will be doing their part to keep that differential at its current size.

The Reds have no offense, which isn’t the end of the world in baseball terms. Everyone knows that pitching wins championships. However, the pitching really does need to be backed up by quality fielding, which is not something the Reds have been bringing lately either. Last time the Reds were suffering from the ailment, Adam Dunn’s chair got moved. What furniture rearrangement is in store for us this time? I hope they re-upholster something.

Myself, I’ve got an appointment for a massage, so I’m going to be the most relaxed Reds fan around while everyone else is wondering what’s wrong with Micah Owings that caused him to leave the game. Doesn’t really matter, though: pitching is the only decent thing this team has, and any strikes against it aren’t good souvenirs to bring back from this brutal road trip.

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