September 2, 2009

Imagine The Carnage If The Reds Were Actually Good?

I saw this story today about Charles Trimble, a lifelong Reds fan who had a heart attack and had no pulse for almost 15 minutes during a Pirates-Reds game on August 23.

But there’s good news. Trimble was revived thanks to the quick efforts of CPR and a nearby doctor. He spent time in the hospital recovering.

But yesterday, he was sitting up in bed, surrounded by family members, and talking. He doesn’t remember anything from the baseball game.

Now he’s just going to give the Reds ideas. Although, considering they beat the Pirates that day, maybe not.

Still, Trimble knows who saved him.

In his hospital room yesterday, Mr. Trimble wore a Pirates cap — an homage to the park and the people who gave him his life back.

So there you go, Pirates. Now you know how to get more fans. Just lull them to the sleep of death and revive them in the nick of time. If that gets too difficult, you could always try winning.

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