September 18, 2009

Has Coco Been Overused?

Five games in a row and six of the last seven. DUH.

Cordero has just blown his fourth save of the season. This guy has been killer this season, pulling down 38 saves, despite the fact that it hardly seems like the Reds have won 38 games all year. Kinda sucks to be him, squandering his awesomeness and all. Hopefully he gets some sense of accomplishment from giving advice to the young guys on how to pitch when you can’t count on any runs at all.

Speaking of not being able to count on any runs, the Reds are going into the bottom of the ninth down by two. Go team!

Update (first batter in the bottom of 9): Holy crap, Juan Francisco. A guy just about fell down three rows of seats to get to that home run ball. One more to tie it up.

2 comments to “Has Coco Been Overused?”

  1. That’s a distinct possibility. We all have good days and bad days though. Things will surely improve.

  2. Amanda says:

    Hi, Emma, welcome to RHM. Always nice to see a new person chatting, even if it is about such an unfortunate team.

    Some parts are more unfortunate than others, though. 🙂