October 20, 2009

I just fell asleep a little

For the Red Hot Household, and for me in particular, October has been just a little piece of hell.

That may be a little harsh: most of the stuff that’s been keeping us so incredibly busy has been pretty fun, tonight’s finance midterm notwithstanding. Funny how I thought the test in my microeconomics class would be OK and the finance test would kill me, then it turned out to be the former that made me cry. Staying home from work for the last day and a half to study for the latter probably helped.

But between celebrating my birthday and the CTS’s birthday (a few weeks late) and going to the pumpkin patch and my soon-to-be-sister-in-law’s bachelorette party, there just hasn’t been time for much baseball. Even when I get home and turn on the game, as I have tonight, I have a little trouble concentrating. Probably has something to do with the fact that I’m so tired, I believe I actually fall asleep a little every time I blink my eyes.

Even so, it’s hard not to notice that the Yankees have a heckuva line-up right about now, I think that whoever wins the Phillies-Dodgers series will thank the Angel’s for wearing them out with all these extra-inning games. And the umps for their contribution as well.

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