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March 28, 2010

Pretend 1977 Season Update

Have you ever found yourself in a crowd of people who all seem to be on the same wavelength–and it’s a completely different wavelength than the one you’re on? Like maybe you wandered in on a screening of The Royal Tenenbaums at a weird-movie fan convention and found yourself staring around suspiciously, wondering whether the people actually found it funny or were all in on some massive psychology experiment to see if, under these conditions, they could get a test subject (you) to laugh at something not resembling comedy.

That’s a little how I feel when I read Play That Funky Baseball, the site where everyone seems to always be in character. I’m the hapless manager of the pretend 1977 Reds. My Reds are currently 7-7, which has me on the defensive. If this turns out to be a set up to see how women bloggers respond to public humiliation when their ringer teams only achieve fifth place, my wrath will be significant. And delayed until after my MBA is done. But those damn psychologists better be watching their asses in May of 2011.

Here’s the NL standings for the moment. I’m confident the “dice” that are deciding who wins these games will be realizing what’s good for them before it’s over.

National League through Tuesday, April 29

Los Angeles 8 6 .571
Montreal 7 6 .538 .5
Pittsburgh 8 7 .533 .5
Philadelphia 7 7 .500 1
Cincinnati 7 7 .500 1
Chicago 7 7 .500 1
Houston 7 9 .438 2
St. Louis 7 9 .438 2