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June 4, 2010

The Daily Brief: Baker Mismanages to Series Loss

Last Game
The Reds, or more accurately, Dusty Baker mismanaged the final game against the Cardinals, letting Sam LeCure stay in for the 6th when he was gassed and lucky to escape the 5th. The number of losses due to Baker have been down this year thanks to the talent level of the roster. Still, it hurts more when it’s against the Cardinals and the loss puts you back in a first-place tie.

Next Game
After a much-needed day off–the first in 20 days–the Reds travel to our nation’s capital to battle the Washington Nationals. Aaron Harang will take on Livan Hernandez at 7:05pm EDT.

National Attention for the Reds
There were 2 national articles this week focusing on the Reds and their surprising early success. What are they trying to do? Jinx them?

The first is a USA Today article about rookie Mike Leake and his unprecedented skipping of the minors. The second is a New York Times piece on how the head-scratching trade by the Reds for Scott Rolen last year has been key to this year’s winning. Plus, it includes this heretofore unknown-by-me, at least, tidbit, “[Cincinnati] was a good fit for Rolen, who has a home two and a half hours away in Carmel, Ind., where he can retreat on off days.” Carmel? That’s where I live.

What to Say to Sound Smart at the Water Cooler
The Reds 18 wins in May this year were their most in a May since 2004, when they also won 18.