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June 16, 2010

Time for a Brawl

Full props to Scott Rolen for demonstrating some fire tonight and Dusty Baker for not letting him go down alone, but it wasn’t enough.

Tomorrow, I want to see the benches cleared. Of course, for that to happen, the Dodgers will actually have to wrong them rather than the umps.

June 16, 2010

The Afternoon Brief: West Coast Bringing Misery to Reds Early

Last Game
The Cincinnati Reds lost to the Los Angeles Dodgers 12-0. There was more than 2 hours of rain delay, but the Reds were looking lost well before the tarp rolled onto the field.

Remember when in years past the Reds were doing surprisingly well until they took a trip to the west coast where their season was ended? Last night, the game felt like the west coast came to Cincy and brought that season-ending flair early.

Next Game
Of course, one key difference between the 2010 Reds and those of years past is the starting pitching. It’s difficult to have too long of a losing streak with the great arms Cincinnati sends out on a nightly basis. Tonight, Mike Leake looks to rebound from his worst, and only bad, start of the year. The Dodgers will send out Clayton Kershaw. The Reds try to stay in first place, starting tonight at 7:10pm EDT.

Minor Bullpen Change Harbinger of More?
Before the game yesterday, the Reds called up Jordan Smith and sent down Enerio Del Rosario. Smith was the only pitcher to not allow any runs yesterday, but the bullpen still isn’t fixed.

John Fay wrote about Dusty Baker hinting at more changes without providing any specifics.

“Some of it depends on how Smith fits in. Most of the starting pitchers are going six or six and a fraction. That seventh inning is very, very important. We’re looking for someone to close that gap.”

“We’re still in the fact-finding mode,” Baker said. “You wish you have everything perfectly in order but it’s not.”

What to Say to Sound Smart at the Water Cooler
King Arthur Rhodes has a 26 inning scoreless streak, which is the longest of any Major League reliever this year. The streak is also the longest for a Reds reliever since John Franco threw 27 1/3 scoreless innings in 1988.