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June 18, 2010

Reds West Coast Trip Begins

The Cincinnati Reds began their annual west coast trip tonight against the Seattle Mariners. The teams are in the 8th as I right this, with the Mariners leading 1-0. Hopefully, the Reds can start the road trip off with a win.

So many times the Reds have collapsed on the west coast. They’re actually 13-32 on the west coast over the last 4 years. But according to Scott Rolen, that’s not different from the good teams he’s played on.

“I think it’s more a matter of you play some pretty good teams out there,” Rolen said. “The Dodgers, the Giants. Oakland is usually pretty tough at home.”

Rolen should know, considering he’s played for Philadelphia, St. Louis, and Toronto.

Even if the team does lose more than it wins, the real test will be when they return. They’ve shown unprecedented resilience so far this year. This test might be the biggest one yet.