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June 20, 2010

Happy Father’s Day, Baseball Fans

I’ve heard that many people get very depressed around Christmas time, especially if they’ve lost loved-ones, because the holiday puts them in a mind of great family things they used to do in their idealized memories of youth.

Speaking for myself, my family has never been what you’d call “traditional” so the Christmas holiday is never a problem for me. We were actually more likely to celebrate the solstice, but it was never really consistent from year to year either.

Even today–Father’s Day–isn’t the time I feel the loss of my father. That happens much more when my car breaks down, something in the house needs repair, or I find myself in urgent need of an impromptu professional-grade piece of art or a wacky online theory about dietary supplements. Or when I need someone to remind me of the solstice.

Especially as I sit here watching the Reds struggle against the Mariners, I fail to be reminded of my Pop. However, the Crack Technical Staff is in attendance, and since he’s still actively engaged in the day-to-day activities of being a daddy to a kid, this holiday is really more about him anyway.

But regardless of whether you’re a dad, daddy, Pops, or just the guy who gets the call when the carburetor goes out, have a happy day, and GO REDS!