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June 8, 2010

#VoteVotto It Does Make a Difference

We can Vote VottoThe updated counts are out for the All-Star voting, and at long last our hero appears in the top 5! Joey Votto pulled down no fewer that 170,128 votes this week (and it was probably quite a lot more than that) to bump James Loney from the fourth spot, and he has you–the voting fan–to thank.

The bad news is that Albert Pujols still has more than four times as many votes, and in fact received more votes just last week than Votto has total.

But people, this challenge should just inspire you! This week has shown us that we can make a difference, and with three weeks of voting left, we can leave the Prissy Prince Albert questioning his sense of entitlement in July.

Remember, you get 25 votes per email address. Yahoo!, Hotmail, and Gmail let you set up multiple free accounts. Then you can give the email addresses to creepy people you don’t actually want to talk to.


Don’t have time to vote yourself? Suffering from carpal tunnel? Afraid you’ll like voting a little too much? I am willing to Vote Votto for you. Send me a message from your email address to give me permission to vote on your behalf, and let me know if you want the Votto-only ballot or the all-Reds package deal.

June 8, 2010

The Daily Brief: Bullpen Fail 2, Electric Boogalo

Last Game
In the very first game after the bullpen blew a lead that required the over-worked offense to come back yet again, last night, the same bullpen blew another one. It’s ugly in there. Unlike the previous time when Francisco Cordero was the culprit, yesterday the goats were Daniel Ray Herrera and Enerio Del Rosario. It’s a tough time to be a Cincinnati reliever, unless your name happens to be Arthur Rhodes. Although, just because the bullpen is struggling, I wouldn’t advocate trading 1/4 of the offense in a misguided attempt to fix it. But surely no Reds GM would be foolish enough for that.

The Reds went on lose the 4-game series opener to the Giants, 6-5.

Next Game
Game 2 between the Giants and Reds starts tonight at 7:10pm EDT, with the Reds sending out Sam LeCure against Matt Cain.

Draft Day
The 2010 amateur draft started yesterday. With the 12th pick, the Reds selected Yasmani Grandal, a catcher from the University of Miami.

“All week, we didn’t think he’d get down to us,” scouting director Chris Buckley said. “When he did, we couldn’t pass on him. Switch-hitting catcher, power from both sides of the plate. He’s very polished.”

The Reds are weak at catcher throughout the minor leagues. And with the description of his abilities from the scouts, it sounds like he was the best player available. Now the fun of trying to sign him. Thankfully, he’s not represented by Scott Boras.

What to Say to Sound Smart at the Water Cooler
The Reds have won 7 extra-inning road games in a row, which dates back to June 2009. The most ever by the Reds was 8 over the course of the 1944-45 seasons.