March 1, 2011

The Daily Brief: Surviving the First Loss

Last Game
The Cincinnati Reds rested practically all of their starters yesterday, and it showed, as the Cleveland Indians scored 12 runs to their 0. The Reds played poorly in more ways than just the offense, with the defense committing five errors, and all but two pitchers allowing runs. They certainly got their work in.

Next Game(s)
The Reds split their squad tomorrow, sending one group to face the Los Angeles Angels and the other to face the Oakland A’s. Mike Leake will start against the A’s, while Johnny Cueto will battle the Angels’ Jared Weaver. Both games start at 3:05pm EST, but the one against the Angels will be televised on the MLB Network.

Phillips Wants to Stay in Cincinnati
While Joey Votto is interested in keeping his options open, Reds second-baseman Brandon Phillips has decided he’s where he wants to be. He came out a couple days ago and had the following to say about the possibility of a contract extension.

“I want to stay here. I love it here. Love the city of Cincinnati. I love the fans. The Reds gave me a second chance to come here and live my dream. I’ve been blessed. I want to give back to the city. I want to be the type of person Barry Larkin was to the city. It would be nice to be here for the rest of my career.”

The Reds will have to evaluate the amount of increased revenue from being a winning and more entertaining team and balance that against future commitments and the possibility of saving money by using one of their touted prospects. By coming out like this, Phillips puts the onus of responsibility on the Reds. If a deal doesn’t get done, the team is more likely to look bad than him. Not that he could ever look too bad with that excellent smile of his.

Phillips’ current contract ends after this season, but there is an option for 2012 at $12 million.

What to Say to Sound Smart at the Water Cooler
Both the Indians and the Reds lost franchise heroes over the off-season, and both were honored before the game yesterday and will be throughout the season. In front of the Indians’ dugout is painted a giant 19, for Bob Feller. In front of the Reds’ dugout is a 10 for Sparky Anderson.

2 comments to “The Daily Brief: Surviving the First Loss”

  1. Pat Williams says:

    Joey Votto will turn out ot be the downfall of the Reds this
    year. With all the big money they are paying him,has more
    than spoiled the brat. Now he is not sure of his future in
    Cincinnati. He wants to keep his options open. Trade him
    now while he is of value.

  2. Amanda says:

    Interesting take. Not one based on any evidence or reasoning, but interesting.