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October 3, 2011

Grading Walt Jocketty

Over at Red Reporter today, they provide grades for the moves (or lack thereof) by Cincinnati Reds General Manager Walt Jocketty before and during the 2011 season.

I’ve been hard on Jocketty for what I saw as a lack of trying to do anything this year, and it appears I’m not alone. Many of the grades are in the C and D range.

Edgar Renteria: grading this signing is tough. First of all, the Reds definitely needed a SS, and the market by and large was barren. And the Reds would have been in a tough spot indeed if Renteria had not been on the roster. However, if Jocketty expected more than he’s gotten out of Renteria, he was misguided, and perhaps also did not do all of his homework or else failed to communicate clearly during the courtship process if he expected Renteria to play anywhere on the diamond but SS and operate as a somewhat versatile player. The process here was understandable but flawed, and the results were underwhelming but still valuable. It’s a strange situation to assess. C-

Fred Lewis, Jeremy Hermida, and Dontrelle Willis completed Jocketty’s foray into the free agent market before the season began. Not exactly competing with the Milwaukee Brewers and their acquisition of Zach Greinke.

The moves that Red Reporter receives the highest marks on are ones that didn’t really improve the team this year or even next year. The contracts for Jay Bruce and Johnny Cueto. Sure, if the players stay healthy and perform as well as or better than they have, the Reds will get a great deal, but those players were going to be on the team in 2011 regardless.

And when those are the only As on the whole list, you know you had a bad year.

In my mind, the year was a failure. The sweep in the 2010 playoffs exposed some glaring weaknesses that nothing was done to address, while the Brewers did address their weaknesses. Instead, Jocketty signed spare parts and hoped.

He’s obviously had success in the past, but it sure would be nice not to see him stay the course again this off-season.

Although, on the bright side, at least he didn’t pull of the Trade.