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October 12, 2011

Middle American Baseball

Sports Illustrated is going to be running a story this week about how the final four teams in the World Series chase this year do not include a coastal team in their ranks.

I hadn’t thought about that, but I suppose these are a couple very centrally located match-ups. I wonder if it’s affecting viewership. On the one hand, the population density really is quite a bit lighter out here than on the coasts. On the other hand, Wednesday is one of the few nights that football isn’t played, so that’s at least promising for this particular evening.

I must admit that I find it kind of lame to be watching the Cardinals and the Brewers, and not just because it should have been the Reds. I mean, how many times did we see this damn game during the season? There’s no particular excitement to watching this.

That last opinion, of course, could just be because it should have been the Reds.

I suppose we’ll only be seeing more post-season reruns when the second Wild Card team is added. It might be nice if the system were set up to favor the division winners a little bit more. The WC team generally already has momentum on their side; they don’t really need additional advantages.

Of course, considering the make-up of the field this year, I think MLB is more likely to change the rules to make sure a coast team makes it all the way down the line. At least it’s better than basketball.