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October 26, 2011

World Series game preemptively called for rain

it is an ill wind that blows TLR no goodOn nights like tonight, when the sixth game of the World Series would have happened if not for the promise of rain in St. Louis, I find myself wondering: Does Tony LaRussa regret that bullshit he pulled on the Reds this season when he acted all like the radar showed they’d be able to squeeze the game in but miraculously didn’t warm up his real starter until after the lengthy delay?

I mean, that might have been a pretty good trick to pull tonight, if MLB wasn’t already on to it.

On the other hand, maybe he’d be glad. After all, with this game delayed, the Cards would be able to have Chris Carpenter pitch on short rest in game 7, should they make it that far. And we all know how he feels about Carp.