June 1, 2006

I Want Answers: Food Edition

One of the pre-game segments that FSN does for the Reds is called “I Want Answers” in which they ask various player ridiculous questions to get their moderately humorous answers. In other words, it was custom made for RHM.

Last night's rendition asked players, if you could have a food or dish named after you, what would it be?

  • Bronson Arroyo said the dish would be a hamburger because he eats more hamburgers than anyone he knows.
  • Rich White's dish would be called “White's pasta plate” and would feature bow-tie pasta, ziti, and shells with meat.
  • Ken Griffey Jr. responded with some non-food related ramblings that I didn't understand. Sounds like the best dish of them all.
  • Austin Kearns wants named after him some “big country home cookin'.”
  • Adam Dunn does have a dish named after him in a a Mexican restaurant in his home town. The chicken fajita nachos there are affectionately known as the “Adam Dunn nachos” so you'll want to be trying those the next time you're in Porter, Texas.
  • Brandon Claussen lays claim to eggs, bacon, and wheat toast.
  • Kent Mercker's namesake would be a grilled PB&J. They're so good, he claims, that that's all his kids ask for now, and that's a pain because they're harder to make than regular PB&J.
  • Todd Coffey would apparently skip the Jell-o dish in favor of the mayonnaise and banana sandwhich

Jeff Piecoro, by the way, the FSN broadcaster who introduced the segment would be a lasagna. Yummy.

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