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June 24, 2006

Game 73: Reds 2, Mets 6

The Reds had to settle for the split of the four-game series with the Mets on Thursday when they lost 2-6.

Eric Milton had a rough outing, giving up six runs (earned) on nine hits and two walks in four and one-third innings. In the midst of the game, Milton's ERA dipped below 4.0, but before Hell could completely freeze over he gave up some runs for the loss and got it back up to 4.71.

Jason Standridge finished off the rest of the fifth with no hits. Esteban Yan worked the sixth, allowing no runs on one hit. Mike Burns held the Mets scoreless for the seventh and eighth on two hits.

I followed the game off-and-on between meetings at work via the GameDay, so I didn't really have the feel of the game. I understand that Pedro Martinez was not exactly on, which is apparently not typical. Nevertheless, the only Red to have more than one hit in the game was--brace yourself--Adam Dunn with two. The only Red to have more than one walk was--unbrace yourself--Scott Hatteberg also with two.

The Reds scored first in the second, when Austin Kearns and Dunn singled. Brandon Phillips moved over the runners with a sacrifice bunt and David Ross brought in Kearns with a sacrifice fly. Dunn was stranded on third when Juan Castro struck out.

They scored their other run in the top of the fourth, still before the Mets ever made it on the board. Martinez walked the first three batters he faced: Hatteberg, Kearns, and Dunn. Brandon Phillips again sacrificed, this time with the fly variety to bring in Hatteberg. Then Ross and Castro also hit sac flies, minus the “sac” part to end the inning and waste two perfectly good baserunners.

The loss brought the Reds' record to 39-34. They would travel to Cleveland to open a three-game series against the Indians. Aaron Harang took on Jake Westbrook.