June 22, 2006

We’re Back!

Awesome. After some 20 hours of unscheduled down time, I'm pleased to see that Red-Hot-Mama.com is back on her feet. The official word from our host is that some IPs were incorrectly assigned during routine enhancements to the software. It was supposed to take 2-4 hours to correct.

In fact, this is how I imagine it really went down…

Ed (stumbling and bumping into a desk): Ouch, hey, who the hell left all these cords all over the floor?
Jim: Ed, you spaz.
Ed (rubbing his owie knee): Can't you people put your crap away?
Jim: What did you run into? Dammit, Ed, did you pull out those power cords again?
Ed: Oh, shit.
Jim: You've taken down all our sites! You really are a spaz.
Ed: This is going to take forever to fix. People are going to be pissed.
Jim: We better tell 'em.
Ed: Don't tell them I tripped on the cord!
Jim: Well, what do you want me to say?
Ed: Say we were doing routine maintenance--no, say we were providing enhancements. They can't be mad at us for messing up when we were trying to do something good for them.
Jim: OK, OK. When are you going to have this cleaned up? Tomorrow afternoon?
Ed: Don't say that! They'll freak. Say a couple hours.
Jim: You know you can't do it in two hours.
Ed: Fine, say “2-4 hours.” Later we can say it was a typo of “24” or something.

Can't complain, though. They *were* providing enhancements after all. At least he didn't spill coffee on it this time.

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