March 7, 2010

ST Game 1: Indians 9, Reds 2

W: Masterson L: Lincoln


The Reds kicked off the spring training season on Friday, and boy did it ever feel good to listen to some baseball on the radio on the drive home after work.

Orlando Cabrera via AP via Yahoo! sportsThe game itself didn’t feel so great for the Reds, though, who gave up some big-time runs to their new facility partners, the Cleveland Indians. Mike Lincoln took the mound to start the game, as if the Reds were giving him one more chance to demonstrate that he’s still got starter potential in him. In one and a third innings, he allowed four runs (earned) on seven hits, including a home run to Asdrubal Cabrera to lead it off.

As much as I enjoy the Reds winning in spring training, I have almost a dress rehearsal/opening night superstition about it and find myself thinking that a loss now equals wins later. However, the way the almost-opening-day lineup failed to show up on the offensive side in this game sent reminiscent chills of dread up my spine. The Redlegs had only two runs on five hits. Could this again be what we’re in for in the 2010 season?

The Reds went on to face the Indians again on Sunday. Johnny Cueto faced off against David Huff.

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