March 7, 2010

ST Game 2: Reds 2, Indians 4

W: Cueto L: Huff S: Gosling


Jay Bruce via AP via Yahoo! SportsGame two of the 2010 spring training season saw the Reds losing by somewhat less of a margin to the same team they lost to the day before. So I guess that’s a step in the right direction.

Though these first couple games haven’t exactly been what Redsland would prefer to see, I have really liked the fact that they’re facing some actual competition in preparing for the regular season. Years of being 20 minutes away from the Pirates spring training facility may not have served the team as well as it might have.

But anyway, it was young Johnny Cueto’s turn on the mound. He lasted for two innings, giving up four runs (two earned) on five hits and a walk. Arther Rhodes, Francisco Cordero, Travis Wood, some guy named Leake, and–what the hell, Kip Wells is still with the Reds??–fared better and allowed zero runs on two hits among them.

The Reds’ out-hit the Indians 9-7 but could only convert two runs. Valaika and Cairo were the two to actually cross the plate.

Monday’s game was canceled due to rain. (That’s right: it was raining in the desert. In fact, it was the same damn temperature there as it was in Indianapolis. Can’t wait to fly out there on Friday and hang by the pool in the 50 degree weather.) They’ll be back in action tomorrow as Bronson Arroyo takes the mound against the Royals.

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