April 4, 2012

Our first Opening Day in Cincinnati

Despite having maintained a Reds blog for 7 years (happy Blog Day, RHM!) the Red Hot family has never made it out to Cincinnati for Opening Day. But tomorrow isn’t just Opening Day. It’s not even just day two of the Joey Votto quarter of a billion dollar contract extension. Tomorrow is that glorious astrological event known as The-First-Day-of-Baseball-Happening-During-Spring-Break.

It won’t happen again for another 86 years, so make sure to get out and see it while you can.

They forgot Thursday.

Our agenda tomorrow includes: parade, game, and a trip to Kroger to buy Vott-Os. We’ll be trying new ballpark food and resurrecting the Red Hot BroadCast. We’ll be hoping the Marlins perform as poorly tomorrow as they did tonight (I mean, no-hit through six by Kyle Lohse?) and crying when they don’t. Basically we’ll be living the dream.

Be sure to tune in for a recount of the day, and turn out if you can. Not only would I love to say hi in person, but the team is going to need everyone to be hitting the Food Network Hot Dog Bar a few times per game if they’re going to raise enough money to pay for that contract.

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