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April 15, 2012

Game 9: Reds 1, Nationals 4

Reds (3-6)010000000120
Nationals (7-2)01200010-4100
W: Jackson (1-0) L: Bailey (0-2)


Well, that was frustrating, as evidenced by my phone-post after a few beers yesterday.

Homer Bailey had a good start, allowing 3 runs over 7 innings. He allowed 7 hits and 4 walks, but minimized the damage. Of course, in a series where the Cincinnati Reds lost a game where the pitching allowed 1 run over the course of 9 innings, everyone knew there was no chance of the Reds retaking the lead.

The positives? As mentioned, Homer Bailey. This is an important year for him with this club. He’s young, but it feels like he’s not because he’s been around forever. He’s improved every year in the majors, but at a slow pace. After watching him in his two starts this year, I’m encouraged. Aside from one bad inning in each start, he’s been more calm. If he can remove that one bad inning and stay healthy, this could be his break-out year.

That’s the main positive. There is one other one: the Reds took an early lead. I’m not sure, but I believe that’s the first time this year they’ve been the first team to score. Of course, it took Miguel Cairo injuring his hamstring to achieve and trading players for runs probably isn’t the wisest way to spend your players. But it was an early lead.

The negatives? The offense. The team is in an offensive slump like none other to start this season. And I’m concerned that manager Dusty Baker isn’t being the help he could be. Not with quotes like this.

“We’re going to hit our way out of this slump, not walk out of it.”

Ugh. Why limit any of your weapons at this point. The offense is horrible. Let’s not hamstring them any further by emphasizing hitting over walking.

The Reds will try not to be swept by the Nationals today when they send out Mike Leake. The Nationals will send out…you know, what? It probably doesn’t matter.