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April 13, 2012

On the Reds’ hitting approach

Redleg Nation posted an entry that touched on some of the offensive frustrations I mentioned during yesterday’s game wrap. In short, they don’t think it’s anything to worry about this early in the season.

It hasn’t been pretty, but I’m not too concerned yet. Even though they’ve looked bad at the plate, Ryan Ludwick and Willie Harris historically walk significantly more than Chris Heisey and Brandon Phillips. Drew Stubbs and Jay Bruce, meanwhile, have shown willingness to lay off the low stuff – even if Stubbs in particular has not be rewarded for it by the umpiring crew.

Obviously, some of the players have started off cold and won’t hit that poorly over the course of the entire season. Ryan Hanigan will get his on-base percentage above .300. And Zack Cozart is likely to return to earth.

But on a night that sees the Reds playing in the 13th inning as I write this in a 1-1 game, knowing the sample size is small and likely to change with time doesn’t ease the annoyance that Reds’ games are becoming. Especially when that one run was driving in by Bronson Arroyo’s sacrifice fly.