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April 9, 2012

Pictures from Opening Night Red Carpet Meet and Greet

For the last couple years, the Cincinnati Reds have turned Opening Night into quite an event, one that I think is more enjoyable than Opening Day.

The first event after the gates open a couple hours before the first pitch has all Reds on the 25-man roster walk down a red carpet and pose for pictures and sign a few autographs for many of the fans gathered at the fences beside the carpet.

In previous years, the red carpet walk was not optimized, with the players wandering around a wide open space, and fans dangerously pushing against each other to try to get close to an autograph opportunity. We criticized this in a podcast last year, and we were very happy to see the criticisms were addressed this year. The red carpet was extended, and there was plenty of space for fans to gather along the walk route. I never once felt like me or my son might be trampled to death. Plus, it gave me the opportunity for some nice up-close pictures of all the players.

As usual, the Reds put on a great event, and the players were all friendly and accommodating. I definitely got a thrill when Joey Votto was standing next to me signing my son’s Reds Heads’ jersey. The game didn’t turn out so well, but overall, the night was awesome.

April 9, 2012

Live blog: Reds v Cards – game 1

Just the second series of the season and we’re already hosting the St. Louis Cardinals. It’s always a fun series to comment on, even if it’s not always a fun one to watch.

The way live blogging goes around here is that I’ll add comments to this post throughout the game. Occasionally others pipe in, and you’re welcome to as well, but I won’t let the lack of someone responding stop me from talking. I don’t let it stop me when walking down the street, and I don’t see why I should let it stop me now.

What will it be like to see the Cardinals sans LaRussa, Pujols, and Carpenter? Or is Carpenter still around, complaining about everything that crosses his path from the far end of the bench? I am confident that he’s complaining about something, somewhere. I can just feel it.

Here’s your line-ups:
Those Darn Cards

  1. Furcal, SS
  2. Beltran, RF
  3. Holliday, LF
  4. Berkman, 1B
  5. Freese, 3B
  6. Molina, C
  7. Jay, CF
  8. Descalso, 2B
  9. Westbrook, P

Pitcher hitting ninth? What would LaRussa say??

and now, your Cincinnati Reds

  1. Phillips, 2B
  2. Cozart, SS
  3. Votto, 1B
  4. Rolen, 3B
  5. Bruce, RF
  6. Heisey, LF
  7. Stubbs, CF
  8. Hanigan, C
  9. Bailey, P