April 14, 2012

The continuing ineptitude of the Reds offense

Note: These are my thoughts as I sit several beers in at a bar in Las Vegas.

The Cincinnati Reds entered the 7th inning of the third of a four game serious against the Washington Nationals having scored just one run in the game and 4 in the series.

Again, the starting pitching was solid. Homer Bailey allowed 3 runs over 6 innings to qualify for that quality start. But the offense has so far managed the one run.

I know it’s too early for shake up of the roster, but does the free swinging of the Reds remind anyone of the Chicago Cubs under Dusty Baker’s last couple years?

I was against the Baker hire from the beginning, but backed off after the division win in 2010. Well, I’m going on record as being against him again. The 2012 squad is showing many of the same symptoms as the frustrating 2011 club.

When a team manages to perform at a sum of less than the trial of their parts for two years in a row, I blame the manager. This team needs to start performing better fast, or their will be no place for Baker on the all-in Reds.

3 comments to “The continuing ineptitude of the Reds offense”

  1. John says:

    Is this a joke? They’ve played NINE games. No team will ever be bad enough to hit .190 for a season, and this team is destined for .260….meaning there’s some major offensive production coming up.

  2. Zeldink says:

    Perhaps you missed the note at the top of the post. Watching the Reds play right now is a frustrating experience. I can’t even imagine how frustrating it is for the actual players. This has been a brutal, ugly beginning to the season.

    Of course they won’t hit this poorly for the whole year. The runs will come eventually and in big bunches, as they did last year. But I’m still getting a feeling that Dusty Baker may be making this team worse this year. Some teams he’s a good fit for, but I’m afraid the 2012 Reds aren’t one of them.

  3. RJ says:

    Aside from the lack of quality at-bats, Baker is simply killing me with his decisions! For example, Bronson was dealing Washington the other night and he removes him from the game in the 8th with no one on and 1 out recorded. His pitch count was good…momentum zapped as bray enters and his 2nd pitch leaves the yard. How about Bronson…put a guy on and I am going to the pen! You know he felt great and wanted to stay in..instead Baker wastes more pitchers in the extra inning affair that should have been finished in 9! Need a 2nd gaff…how about bringing in Cozart, who sat for what 13 innings, to sac bunt…of course he isn’t ready and pops it up. Baker is HORRIBLE!