July 2, 2013

The race is on!

That animated GIF in the last post is seriously annoying, so I’m going to push it off the front page. Five rapid fire posts coming up!

Speaking of races, why not start off this frenzy of posts with a flashback to an old race. You younguns may not remember that, back in 2006, the Reds did not have a regular second baseman. Back in those days, we had a handful of backup infielders who were all vying for the spot. So we here at RHM decided to create this highly scientific simulator to help the Reds’ brass choose a winner.


Go ahead, give it a click and run the race!

(Game modified from a Flash template provided at Flash Kit.)
Get the latest version of Flash here.

One month after this went up, the Reds traded for Brandon Phillips, and now he’s the second-longest tenured Red on the team (Bronson Arroyo has him beat by 18 days). Boy, doesn’t that just make you feel old?

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