July 16, 2013

Does winning the HR Derby raise your trade value?

This video is actually 2 years old, but it still pretty much sums up the experience of watching the Home Run Derby.

Kudos to you if you got through the whole minute and a half. I was annoyed after 15 seconds. Plus, I have this sudden craving for chicken…

For those of you who actually enjoyed your day off of baseball yesterday by doing non-baseball things, the Home Run Derby happened. In each corner of the Derby octagon you had:

  • David Wright (Mets)
  • Pedro Alvarez (Pirates)
  • Bryce Harper (Nationals)
  • Michael Cuddyer (Rockies)
  • Robinson Cano (Yankees)
  • Yoenis Céspedes (Athletics)
  • Prince Fielder (Tigers)
  • Chris Davis (Orioles)

If they had a Walk Derby, no one would stand for Dunn being left out.

If they had a Walk Derby, no one would stand for Dunn being left out.

After round 1, we were down to Céspedes, Davis, Harper, and Cuddyer. After round 2, it was just Céspedes and Harper. I suppose I should have been rooting for Harper, seeing as I’m an NL fan, but I just can’t quite make myself get on board with someone with such an over-inflated ego. Maybe its my Midwestern sensibilities, or maybe it’s just my own over-inflated ego getting in the way. Either way, the A’s own Cuban immigrant put the hurt on young Harper in the last round, overtaking his home run total with still 5 outs to go.

Yet again this year, there was no Adam Dunn in the line-up. Dunn has more home runs so far this year than three of the four AL contenders (all but Chris Davis, who’s leading the majors with 37). He has more home runs already this year than Céspedes had all of last year. Dunn’s continued exclusion from the Home Run Derby is as unexplainable as Weird Al Yankovic never having been the musical guest on SNL. Someone in charge must not like their irreverent tone and curly hair.

Of course there weren’t any Reds, which doesn’t surprise anyone. There aren’t any home run hitters on the Reds, except for Jay Bruce. And Bruce would just hit 25 in round one only to get shut out in round two. Wouldn’t be much of a show.

Anyway, congratulations to Céspedes, and I wonder whether his win has raised his trade value. The Reds could use a left fielders with some power, and it doesn’t seem like anyone is acting on my idea to bring back Dunn.

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