Daily Archives: July 21, 2005

July 21, 2005

Reds Sweep Cubs

The complete team did anyway. Reds-minus-Freel-Kearns-and-Valentín didn't fare as well, I hear.

Wasn't that a great game today? Really, what more could you want? It had leads and deficits. Big, bad villains and tiny little heroes. A HoF-caliber pitcher and Milton.

You could just feel the intensity coming through MLB's GameDay like heat off a flame. Not the least of which coming from this fella right here:


Wouldn't you just love to have that image on a t-shirt, coffee mug, and mouse pad? I wonder what I would need to do to make that happen legally and benefit from it financially.

I know I've already given our backup catcher an awful lot of attention lately, but I don't see how I can avoid giving him yet more props. In fact, if he keeps up this pace, Red Hot Mama will eventually have no choice other than to just become a Javier Valentín fan blog, complete with fake headlines such as:

Valentín Brothers To Release Husky Boy Clothing Line

'The Javy' the Hottest Trend In Facial Hair


Javier Valentín: Half the Height, Twice the Love

All this and great merchandise, too. Really, what more could you want?