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July 24, 2005

Cincinnati ‘We Can Still Spoil You’ Reds Beat Milwaukee ‘Warm and Flat’ Brewers, 3-2

The day that saw the seventh win of the Reds' 10-game home series was the kind of day that meteorologists describe as “hotter'n hell.”

It started off discouragingly enough when Luke “Also Hotter'n Hell” Hudson put in the kind of inning that belied the rest of his quality start. Fortunately, a well-timed double play allowed Hudson to escape the top of the first down by just one run. In the bottom of the first, the first eight strikes went by before a batter swung, and that was Sean “No Double Play, No Double Play, Oh Darn” Casey grounding out to third. Things were not looking promising for the Reds.

A whole lot of nothing went on for the next two and a half innings while the tension built for Austin “On a Program” Kearns' dramatic home run with Casey on base to give the Reds the 2-1 lead. Adam “That's How It's” Dunn and Wily Mo “I Already Have Three Names; I Don't Need You Sticking More Words in Quotes” Peña struck out, which still left an out in the inning for Edwin “I'm Ready, No Really” Encarnación to get his first hit since he's been back with the Reds, a double that would leave him on second to end the inning.

The Brewers would come back to tie the game when Brady “I Have Two First Names” Clark singled in a run, but that would be the last of Milwalkee's scoring, and in fact, all of the scoring until the bottom of the ninth. That's when Adam “I Can Too Hit in the Clutch” Dunn took the 2-2 pitch deep to right field to lead the Reds in walking off with the win.

Besides those already explicitly listed, Ryan “Pigpen” Freel, Casey, Jason “Texas Love Machine” LaRue, and Hudson each also contributed a hit to bring the Reds' hit total to seven.

Tomorrow the Reds head to Los Angeles to take on the Dodgers. Aaron “Azriel Abyss” Harang will lead the charge as the Reds try to take some of the Cincinnati heat with them on the road.