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July 22, 2005

Blown Transformer Can’t Out Reds Power

I thought I'd use my headline tonight to give you a preview of what every Reds media outlets' headlines are going to say in the morning.

The Reds 11-6 win over the Brewers was delayed for 25 minutes in the seventh inning when a transformer blew and took out power to Great American Ball Park. That isn't something I've heard of happening before. Do you think people were taking advantage of the darkness to pick each other's pockets? Punch the loud, annoying drunk people sitting behind them? Conceive new Reds fans?

I didn't hear the whole game, so I can't really do a proper wrap, but I had plenty of somewhat connected thoughts, so bullets are still in order:

  • Weird, ugly line-up tonight. And that's all I'll say since it worked.
  • Javier Valentín went 2-for-4 with a 2-run double but no home runs. He's clearly slumping. He will not play tomorrow.
  • Jason LaRue, according to this article at CR:TOS, didn't know he wouldn't be playing today. Apparently Narron thought LaRue would have read it in the paper. When it comes to scolding the Reds management, I'll usually let something go on pretty long before I say anything, but not this time. Lack of communication has been a huge problem for this team all year, and one I was counting on Narron to improve. Direct and open communication within the team is too important to let slip. Don't let's let this happen again, understood?
  • Felipe Lopez and Joe Randa each contributed a home run tonight. They rock. But you already knew that.
  • Adam Dunn, after his brief flirtation with suckitude at the plate last night, was moved down one spot from fifth to sixth in the line-up, where he came through with a couple home runs on three hits tonight. Go Dunn.
  • Austin Kearns, after contributing three hits and two RBI last night, was moved down THREE spots from fourth to seventh in the line-up, where he still enjoyed a couple hits. To be fair, though, he did get some pretty good protection with The Latin Love Machine hitting behind him in the eight slot.
  • If Marc Lancaster's intuition is to be believed, then the Reds will come out after the non-waiver trade deadline exactly according to my recommendations. Seriously: I need to start charging for this stuff. Also, Marc titled his entry “Lo Siento Mucho.” Apparently I'm not the only one who speaks Spanish around here.

Tomorrow, Brandon Claussen tries to put in a significantly better performance than last time to keep this winning streak a'rolling. It's Sean Casey figurine night, so if the pattern holds, Casey's gonna have a heck of a game. Better start lining up now to get your hands on one of the plastic miniatures: they're only giving away 40,000 of them.

Go Reds!